Coming to a castle near you!

The wind was gusting, the leaves were flying, and rain hovered in the wings, but nothing could dampen the spirits of Antrim Community Choir as they performed at Antrim Castle on the afternoon of Sunday 27th October 2013, the start of their Delusions of Grandeur Tour.

Northern Ireland has some wonderful castles.

No-one in Antrim Community Choir  lives in a castle.

But for one Sunday every month for the next twelve months they will be pretending they do.

This momentous tour will see the choir perform in (or beside!) at least one castle every month for twelve months, sharing the joy of singing.

The choir would like to thank the people of Antrim who came to hear us and wish us well at the launch of this epic adventure, Antrim Borough Council for their help and support in organising the event, and the Castle Grounds wardens and security staff for their warm and friendly help on the day.

Once again, we want to thank our much-loved musical director, Una McCann, who transports us from the ordinary to the extraordinary and has fun doing it.

 Next stop: Hillsborough Fort on Sunday 17 November 2013, from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m.

The Choir at Antrim Castle

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