Delusions of Grandeur Tour

Antrim Castle GroundsFact one: NI has some beautiful castles in stunning locations.
Fact two: No one in the Antrim Community Choir lives in a castle.
Fact three: Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend that we do, just for the afternoon?

And so, the idea of Delusions of Grandeur was born. It rose from the wish to enjoy our countryside, to sing in unusual places, to get Antrim Community Choir out and about, to share our enthusiasm for our choir with members of the public and have tea in china cups and cucumber sandwiches on the lawn.
We will wear finery, we may wear pearls, we will probably have thermal long johns under our nice dresses/suits, but we will be full of glamour and we will sing and laugh and enjoy our choral capers at the castle.

Our plan is to visit a castle each month throughout the year and on each occasion, enchant the other castle visitors and transport them away on a medley of song, specially arranged for our Delusions of Grandeur tour. Through our carefully chosen repertoire, we will transport our unsuspecting listeners to another time and conjure up images of days gone by, of castles near and far. We will both surprise and amuse our audience with the spontaneity of our song.

Don’t miss Antrim Community Choir coming to a castle near you soon! Our first stop on the tour will be Antrim Castle on Sunday 27 October.

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