Una McCann – Musical Director Extraordinaire

Una McCann

Una has a BA in Music and Ethnomusicology from Queen’s University in Belfast, which leaves her well-equipped to tackle songs from around the world. She has sung with vocal harmony groups all around the UK and has performed as far afield as Indonesia and Brazil.

She brings this experience to our choir, giving us a lovely, unique sound. She takes a group of amateurs, most of whom have no training, and turns us into a harmonious whole, more to our surprise than hers it seems! Before we know it, we are singing a new song in as many as five parts (with varying degrees of success!), and usually unaccompanied into the bargain.

Her endless patience and good humour keeps everyone’s spirits raised, and choir practices are such fun we don’t realise how hard we’ve worked – most of us don’t want to go home at the end of the two hours.

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